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A new and even more powerful Zone Alarm log file anlyzer program has been released.

Have you checked your Zone Alarm log file? Is it full of incidents reflecting NetBios attacks, Messenger spambot, pop-up spam incidents or other worm activities from outside computers? Then Zone Alarm Log Analyzer is the right tool for you. It reports all incidents to the intruder's / offender's ISP to have those IPs blocked or Cleaned..

Reporting worm and virus activities to the offender's ISP has never been easier. And it works! Most ISPs take such illegal traffic very seriously to prevent spreading worm and viruses.

Read more and see for yourself how easy reporting worm activities really is !

Opaserv, QaZ, Agobot, Sasser, Messenger Spambot and more ! These worms are pestering the Internet trying to spread themselves, even to your PC! If you check your Zone Alarm log file (usually found as ZALog.txt in the C:\Windows\Internet Logs folder) and find a lot of listings concerning port 137, 139 and 445 from other IPs than your own, you are a victim of worm actitivities attacking your PC.

How do i know if my PC is at risk?

Locate your Zone Alarm log files. They are usually text files located in the folder mentioned above. Older Zone Alarm log files are renamed from ZALog.txt to for example ZALog2006.03.22.txt when a fresh log file is created the next day. The naming format of these older log files are for files created this year.
mm is the month number, dd is the day number.

Browse through these files, at least 5 of them to get a good picture what's going on. Are these files more than 50 lines long and the ports mentioned above in there? If so, you are most likey a victim of certain PCs trying to pry into your PC. Report these incidents to the perpetrator's ISP ! They will close down the perpetrator's Internet connection or implement other actions until the perpetrator has removed viruses, trojan horses and worm his/her PC with an updated anti-virus program.


OK, so what is the Zone Alarm analyzer program doing?

The ZAnalyzer is analyzing the Zone Alarm log file for unusual activities. These actitivies includes incidents to certain port number in you PC which worms are are known to exploit. For example the NetBios ports which are typical ports that Opaserv, QaZ, Agobot, Sasser and other widespread worms are trying to access. Without a firewall, and if your PC is infected with one of these worms, the perpetrator's PC will then try to connect to your PC and establish a link. By letting ZAnalyzer analyze your log files, these incidents will be easlily discovered, and will make a list for you so you can take appropriate action against the perpetrator.

ZAnalyzer will gather the perpetrator's IP addresses and automatically set up an abuse email for you, which you by a click on a button email to the perpetrator's ISP.


Well, this sounds fine. What happens next?

The perpetrator's ISP will, based on your email, do two things:

  1. Email you a verification that they have received your email
  2. Start processing the perpetrator's by either email or phone him/her to inform him/her that this person's PC is virus infected, and that this perpetrator should run an updated virus program. If this doesn't work, the ISP will close down the perpetrator's Internet connection until the problem is solved.

Regarding 1) above:
Some "rogue" ISPs give a damn about emailing you a note that the problem is being dealt with.
Regarding 2) above:
Some really rogue ISPs give a damn about resolving the problem too.

Most ISPs are serious companies. They resolve such problems quite immediately, in a matter of a few days.


How can I get this Zone Alarm ZAnalyzer program?

The price is very affordable! It's only 20 € for a limited period.


Screenshots of Zone Alarm Log Analyzer:
The ZAnalyzer

July 25, 2007

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