When your Garmin Nuvi 350 shows the error message "System Software Missing"

Download and extract 060404120315_nuvi_sys.zip to a dedicated directory.

    1. Unzip the two files Updater.exe and nuvi_sys.rgn in this directory
    2. Disconnect your Nuvi 350 from the PC and switch the unit off
    3. Switch on your Nuvi and keep the ON button pressed down until the unit shows Pre-booting
    4. Connect the Nuvi to your PC while the GPS message shows "Pre-booting"
    5. Quickly "Move" (with the mouse) the RGN file and drop it on Updater.exe, and the updater will start loading the Nuvi operating system

After this procedure, your Nuvi 350 should be version 3.20. The Nuvi unit will be "factory reset", so you might have to customize it to your preferences.

You may now upgrade with later versions, for example 3.30 and 3.60. If you have a slow Internet line, don't use Garmins Webupdater. In stead, download the file for manual updating the unit !

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