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CodeIt ! is a program to encode and decode text. You may want to encode your e-mail before sending it, or any other text that can be copied and pasted.


183 KB

SpeedTest is an Internet connection speed test / gauge that gauges the speed on you ISP connection. It's a free program. The free version is locked to measuring the speed to a Norwegian web server. The pay version can measure the speed against any HTTP server.
New in version 2.0 is the ability to upload your Internet speed to a speed database.
The indicated speed is not accurate since a TCP packet contains overhead (extra control bytes). Also, Internet traffic will influence the speed, and so will any computer buffers. To compensate some of this, run SpeedTest 2 or 3 times in succession.


Please read the note below !

363 KB
Resource Meter shows your system resources focused on RAM usage as your load and run your programs. It has two gauges, one odometer instrument and one graph which plots your PC's resources. A nice tool for examining memory leaks or to check if you need more RAM.
This freeware program has comments in the Aasli Forum.
254 KB

TeeMail SpamBuster
Get rid of unwanted spam email by using TeeMail SpamBuster. SpamBuster installs on your PC and sits between your mai server and your mail client, filtering out everything that you don't to end into your inbox.

TeeMail SpamBuster will be free to try for 30 days, after that you have to register for licence.

Please go to the forum to check the latest news.

Price: NOK 200 / 20 / USD 25

Release date no later than 01 Sept. 2003.


System Size computes the size of an installed program system on your PC. For example, how many GB or MB is my Windows operating system, or What is the size of my MusicMatch Jukebox system? How many GB are my MP3 files ?

SystemSize gives you the answer to all these questions, and more. Read more about it, and Download it free here.

477 KB
FontList is a nifty little program to show all fonts that are installed on your Windows PC. Fonts are shown with their name and the face of their fonts


179 KB

System Uptime shows you how long your Windows has been running. Uptime can run continually in the SysTray when minimized, or run and stopped at will. Download here.
528 KB

ApacheLog: A simple and easy to use Apache log viewer that makes Apache logs more readable and easy to check for misconfiguration and attacks from viruses and malign users.

No installation needed, just download, save to a directory of your choice and run.

275 KB

ZoneAlyzer is an analyzing tool for ZoneAlarm log files. The reports includes an overall view of all blocked in- and outbound traffic, port number and IPs. It also shows the topsmost "hacker" or worm / virus attacks, most frequently attacked ports. Not just the topmost 10 or 20, but all intruding IPs and ports !
Read more about ZoneAlyzer here.
Send an email to get your evaluation copy now !


Elegant Web Server freeware version. A web server with an Interface ! Read the attached ReadMe file to learn more about this compact yet so powerful web server.

Elegant Web

371 KB
IP2Name shows who is behind a given dotted IP address. If the name address is found, IP2Name will also return the WhoIs data for this address.
641 KB

CDAction is a small program to open or close a cd drive. Useful in BAT-files to control the state of a cd drive.
Usage :
CDAction Open F
CDAction Close F

The program takes two arguments. The first is the action "Open" or "Close", the second is the name of the drive.

Copy this program to any folder or to a folder in the Windows path if you want it to work globally.

183 KB

CleanDisk checks all your disks for leftover files (temporary files etc) and deletes them. In addition, CleanDisk also removes some weel-known trojans and backdoor programs. Cleandisk comes with a ready-to-use reference file which contains filenames which are safe to delete.

If you have a file submission, please post it in the forum for everyone to benfit.

3.11 MB
TeeCopy copies one or multiple selected files from one directory to another, or backups. TeeCopy has a progress indicator which shows the copy progress and which file is being copied at any given moment.
4.1 MB
The Binary Clock. Read more about it here.
627 KB


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Regarding SpeedTest :
The Speed Test program seems to be very popular based on the number of downloads. As of this current version, if you use it and check the "Upload to Database" checkBox, your measured speed will be posted to our speed database. The Speed Test program is slightly changed to facilitate your name and password if you later want to look up your records.

Go to the discussion forum to post your SpeedTest issues.


Updated 11 Dec, 2007