Computer program "Bring on board"

Yellow notes, to-do lists, or lack of short or long term memory? "What was it I should remember to bring on board tour leisure boat again"?

Here is your companion to remember it all, an acquisition computer program for Windows where you can fill in what to buy to your boat, what to bring on board, and what is already in your boat. And what does it all cost?

This computer program is based on a database which you control. Just look at the screenshots below and be convinced that this program is just right for you. And it comes with a extremely low price tag, just NOK 80 (€ 10) or equivalent in other currencies.

The development has been going on for months, and has been used for 2 years already.

The program may be downloaded as a demo. It's fully-featured, the only limitation is the number of lines (records) in the database which is limited to 10 records. If you wish to buy a license, you can use the same program - just buy a license key and you're up and running in full scale.



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Fill in what to supply to your boat, what to acquire, what to bring on board, or what is on board already.

You can fill in the supplier's name, rack, warehouse name, price and a web link to your product.

Additionally you may fill in if the item is packed and ready to bring on board, to be acquired, and even with a note.


There are several kinds of lists that may be printed or previewed: Click the radio button for your choice of list.


My leisure boat is called Envida. Your boat's name should be filled in under "Programs", "Data", together with your own currency.


Even different types of styles. You can use the traditional Window default look as shown above, or choose you very own according to your liking!


Another facility regarding print preview is zooming in or out by right or left clicking the mouse on the print preview. Left or right clicking doesn't affect the printed output. There is a font picker for that.



Also note that at the bottom of the window you have a complete overview of what the total investment is, in any chosen currency (Euro, Pounds, USD etc).

Additionally there is a status showing the number of records in the table (number of lines). You can have an unlimited number of records in a licensed version. The demo version only holds ten records without a license key.



This logistics Windows program is very moderate priced, just NOK 80 (€ 10 / USD 13) or equivalent for one license. You pay by VISA, MasterCard or any other card accepted by PayPal. Shortly after you have registered your user name (Full name) and email address you will receive a license key by email. Then open the the "Program" menu and paste your full name and license key.

This program is off the shelf. If you need a special design or other variations, please contact CompuLab for your tailor-made version. Companies might have special requirement to meet their need.

Download BoatEquipment Setup here (, 2.9 MB)



Norwegian (Viking) customers, please also see this web page