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TeeMail SpamBuster version 1.5

Email Anti Spam Filter

(This text in Norwegian here)

The TeeMail SpamBuster is an email filter program that sits between your email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Opera and others based on POP and SMTP server accounts) and your email server. Every time you receive new email, SpamBuster intercepts and takes care of the spam mail for you. It's so effective that it removes more than 90 % of your spam. In our tests it removes 98 % of spam emails.

Take care of yourself, your family and kids. Download and try Teemail SpamBuster today. If you are not satisfied with this genuine product, you and uninstall it.

If you want to avoid spam in the future, you should buy SpamBuster. The price is modest, only 25 € / USD 20 / NOK 200 which includes free minor upgrades.

40-60 % of all emails are spam and 80 % of all spam origins from a closed circuit of know spammers. They use any means to fool spam filters. TeeMail SpamBuster has a rich set of built in methods to sort out spam. You can define spam by senders, by subjects, by message phrases and Real Time Blacklists which are kept up to date by the hour. You can also define friends, their emails will always get through to you whatever they write about.

Let's see an example how spammers operate.

Receiving spam is your choice.

We are committed to fight spam. Visit our forum to discuss the SpamBuster, and to receive antispam hints which you can implement into SpamBuster.

Spammers con you into buying things they never deliver. They claim to sell wonder cures that are physically impossible. They harrass you and your children to visit their porn sites. They fool you to download programs that call expensive phone calls via your modem. They hijack your PC to host parts of their porn. The list goes on and on.

Snapshots of the new TeeMail SpamBuster email filter.

Main Page.

The Main page shows a short statistics about received mails. From SpamBuster was started and up until the last received mail, 3 email have been received during 40 minutes with a total of 8170 bytes

Go to the discussion forum to post your views on this program.

The Accounts Page shows all your email accounts.

You can add, delete or change any of your accounts

The Spam Definition Page allows you to define friends, spam senders, spam subjects, and word fragments in the body text.

In addition (not shown here), you can opt for deleting spam by Spam IP addresses. These addresse are updated once an hour to reflect valid spam IPs. This system is called Realtime Blacklists (RBL). Several RBL hosts exists, and you can pick one of them to filter out known spammers.

The Spam Pool tab shows a list of accumulated spam. These will be kep for a predefined number of days (which you decide) until they are deleted by SpamBuster.

If an email isn't spam, you can recover it from this page.

Note how SpamBuster has inserted a warning into the message text, that says that the sender of this email is a spammer.

Also note how the spammer has inserted a lot of nonsense words to fool a Bayesian spam filter.

The About Page

shows the traditional About information, and is also where you register your SpamBuster. Values in this example are fictitious.

You can try before you buy for 30 days.

Go to the download page to download a trial version of Spambuster


Updated June4, 2006